Caregiver Retreat

Every fall since 2010, the Monmouth County Office on Aging, Disabilities & Veterans Services has hosted a half-day “Caregiver Retreat” for residents of Monmouth County who are caring for a senior, giving caregivers a chance to relax and socialize with others while gathering valuable information.

Partially funded by the National Family Caregivers Grant, the purpose of this event is to educate caregivers about available resources as they endeavor to care for their loved ones, while at the same time providing them a break in a relaxing atmosphere. Attendees will hear about topics such as home care, financial assistance, legal services, state plan services, safety considerations and self-care. The conference also features several relevant community partners that caregivers can speak with.

Caregivers can also benefit from the day by connecting with and sharing their stories with other family caregivers. Attendance is made possible by offering adult day care supervision for the loved one of an attendee if appropriate. 

If interested in attending, contact Colleen Smith at (732) 431-7450.